Friday, December 02, 2005

Off and running

A normal low-traffic Thursday night of games kicked off the basketball season. A couple boys scores that caught my eye:

Bellevue West over Lincoln Southeast. Could the season begin and end with this match-up? Antoine Young, the sophomore point guard from Bell West scored 29 in his first start as the T-Birds soilidified their favorite status 88-74. Here are the OWH and the LJS articles on the games. 88-74? It really is 1970s retro!

Omaha Bryan handles North Star, 77-50. Ouch. Coach Q doesn't sound happy. That's a surprising score even knowing Derrik Russell is out. What's the story on his knee? Anyone have the scoop?

Cambridge 52, Hitchcock County 29. Is Vontz out with the hand injury? Someone told me last night he might not play basketball at all. Any truth to this? I also hear he is being recruited by Nebraska for baseball. All-state football and basketball; state champ in golf. And, he's a great baseball player. Call him The Natural.

Harvard 64, Giltner 47. The Cardinals were winless in football, I think. Good to get this season started in a different direction. Wow! Pedro Gabrial had 36! (Scroll down.)

Here's the OWH score page.

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