Monday, November 28, 2005

Hurricane games

Well, it is snowing. Up, down and sideways. I can't tell what's coming from the sky and what's blowing off the roof and trees. I would assume that many of the 'Hurricane Games' will be, ironically, victims of the weather. It looks like the worst of the weather has hit in the area north of Kearney, so maybe some games will go on back east, and I think some of tomorrow's might survive.

So, in the spirit of the snow day, let's pretend they'll all go on, and I'll look at some of the most interesting on the schedule.

Lincoln High at Beatrice

Beatrice is THE program in outstate Nebraska right now, and any class A games they play are interesting. Coach Weeks's work ethic is legendary, but the other factors in the Orangemen's rise to the top are just as interesting. The community and alumni energy for the program goes far beyond success, and even beyond all-night basketball world records. It's also been a perfect storm of cultural forces as Highway 77 expansion has grown the city of Beatrice, and the school district finally built its new high school (and with it great athletic facilities.)

Norris at Lincoln Southeast

Ditto on Norris. If it weren't for Beatrice, we'd be calling this the program.

Millard North at Elkhorn

I hear that Elkhorn is considering opening another hgih school, so they would have two Class Bs or two C1s instead of one Class A school. Athletically, you've got to wonder how the Antlers will handle being the little fish. Especially in basketball, I think it could be rough.

Lutheran High Northeast at Norfolk

I mark this one just because there is no GISH v. GICC, Kearney v. KCatholic, Hastings v. StC, Columbus v. Scotus. Bravo to Coach Ries and AD Dolliver on making this happen.

Cambridge at McCook

There's a small part of me who'd have liked to have seen this game on the gridiron, but I'll ignore that impulse. Wade Vontz makes this a tough one for the Bison and their new coach Tim Garcia. Garcia is one of my favorite off-season stories as a former Tilden Police Chief takes over a basketball program that has athletes but plays little brother to football. Google knows he can throw cow chips.

Lexington at Arapahoe

Got to give the Minutemen credit for being willing to go play the Warriors. I'll be rooting for Lex to use this a catapault to a better year.

Shelton at Wood River

Why don't these neighbors play every year?

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