Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Great day for articles

The OWH and LJS both continue their winter sports preview articles today. The LJS has wrestling and swimming previews.

The World Herald has an even better slate. Their girls basketball page has links to an article on Top Ten #1 Bell. West, Class A team previews, and the pre-season girls ratings. The big news is Croften at #10 in the overall top-ten. If I remember right they won C1 with a group of juniors last year. Exeter-Milligan is #1 in C2. They were runners-up as a junior team. They might push for top ten consideration as the year progresses.

Also in the OWH is a story on Bruce Chubick Sr.'s return to Nebraska at Omaha South. Chubick won a Class C1 title in 1988 with junior and Chris Peacock. He's been coaching in Iowa (I think he's originally from Council Bluffs), but the big news is his recovering from cancer of the kidney. He'll make it intesting to see if the Pack can improve on its 3-17 mark from last year.

On the Education page is a story of interest to sports fans: facility upgrades at Omaha Gross. Gross is firmly routed in Class B now, after being A for a large part of its history. School facility improvements can go hand-in-hand with athletic success. Keep an eye on the Cougars.

Also on the Ed Page: News flash-- Elkhorn growing. The Antlers adjustment to Class A will be one of the most interesting stories of the next 5-10 years.

While your there check out the OWH coverage of Omaha's One City- One District proposal. That's another Ed Page story that could be a big playing in the athletic arena as well.

Finally, look at yesterday's story on middle school football in Omaha. The is the first tangable evidence of OPS's new emphasis on athletic success. I was disappointed that it only vaugely mentioned the Nebraska state law that limits junior highs to just four football games. Such a silly thing for the state to dictate, but that's a post for another day.

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