Thursday, December 15, 2005

Class B breakdown

This post at Rivals does an excellent job of running down the Class B boys so far. It's worth a read (even if some of the responses aren't).

Jesse Carr and the number 68

The big prep basketball news of the week was Jesse Carr of Ainsworth going off for 68 points in a overtime loss to West Holt. I got a chance to watch Carr, who led the state in assists while averaging 16ppg last year, play this summer. He's one of the best ball handlers in the state reguardless of class. His game has an element of the street-- the push-pull dribble, the sudden change of pace, the hop-- that would seem impossible growing up in Ainswoth, Nebraska. His dad was the coach in Ainsworth in the1990's according to the Wierd Herald.

Oh yea, he's just a sophomore.

Check out the OWH story through the link above. Two West Holt kids became the first Nebraska teammates to score over 40 in the same game.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Recruiting advantages

I know, I know.... Don't use the R word.

But, in the age of school choice how else can you think of trips like the one the Bellevue East girls are taking to California? It's at the bottom of this run-down in the LJS. Coach Scott Jensen says, "We always make these trips an educational experience for our kids while also getting a chance to compete against teams they’ve never seen before."

I say, "Want to see the world, choice into Bell East."

The state's small colleges have been using such basketball trips to Florida, California, and Hawaii, as recruiting boosters for years and years. Anyone know how they pay for these trips? Fund-raisers? Booster club?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ratings update

I understand why the papers don't update their ratings until after Christmas; there is a lot we don't know about teams that we will have a better idea about in January. That doesn't mean we can't a look at the ratings as we work through December.

Today, Class A Boys:
Team rec. best win loss
1. Bellevue West 2-0 Southeast
2. Lincoln SE 1-1 Westside Bellevue West
3. Lincoln NE 2-0 Omaha North
4. Om. Bryan 1-1 North Star CB T Jefferson
5. Om. Central 2-0 Millard West
6. Lin. N. Star 1-1 Omaha South Bryan
7. Om. Cre. Prep 2-0 Papillion
8. Grand Island 2-0 Norfolk
9. Lincoln East 2-0 Westside
10. Mill. North 1-1 Northwest Grand Island

Oklahoma Playoffs on Hold

This makes the 1.35 multiplier controversy look like child's play. The Oklahoma State Football Playoffs have been delayed because of a court order. The semifinals in at least one class have been delayed two weeks because a family has protested a state association decision to enforce a two-game suspension against a quarterback. Read the details here.

Monday, December 05, 2005

All-State Letter Jackets

The OWH's All-Nebraska team looked great in their letter jackets Sunday. I was surprised to see so many letter jackets as it seems they've been out of style for a while. That's a tradition I'd love to see make a come back. Here's the offense. And the defense.

Here's to more letter jackets all over the state.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Pre-season ratings

I can't find the link to the LJS ratings on their site, but this post at HuskerLandPreps gives the ratings and Ryly Jane's run down of each class. Some better-than-usual-ratings-patter here, including a run-down of all the transfers in class A.

Here are Stu's boys ratings from the OWH. I wish it were easier to access his ratings column along with the ratings themselves, but the OWH High School Sports Zone has come together to be bookmark-worthy. It was very awkward when it first started, but now is a nice archive of a season's worth of stories, scores and ratings. Wish they would archive past years, but the OWH has come a long way from its Internet-hating self in 1997 to a top-flight newspaper web site today.

My comments: I like Ravenna in the all-class top ten. Having watched them play Class A and B athletes this summer, I'm comfortable with them even as high as #6. Then we'll talk after January 28th.

Both have Southeast as the top Star City team. I like Northeast, who LJS has behind North Star. I like Grand Island as the top (non-Ravenna) out-state team, but like Keareny better than Columbus.

In B I like Holdrege almost enough to move them ahead of Beatrice, almost. I don't buy into Blair as a #3 or #5 team; let's let them prove it before we elevate them. Stu continues to send love to Hastings, rating the Tigers #9, while they don't get mention in Ryly Jane's top 15. I'm sideing with RJ for now. Lots of starters returning, but who's going to score?

In C1 GICC and Aquinas's drops to C2 open some spots, but I think LJS has Twin River a little high just on Mitch Moore's shoulders. I like St. Paul better than AC in the LouPlatte. Syracuse caught a little magic last year; sometimes you can't get that back even with three starters and a sixth man.

C2: Ravenna. Their game at GICC tonight will be a great barometer of the level of competition the Jays will face in their march to a repeat.

No time for D today, except to say I was surprised to see Exeter-Milligan beat even a football-hungover Bruning-Davenport.

Off and running

A normal low-traffic Thursday night of games kicked off the basketball season. A couple boys scores that caught my eye:

Bellevue West over Lincoln Southeast. Could the season begin and end with this match-up? Antoine Young, the sophomore point guard from Bell West scored 29 in his first start as the T-Birds soilidified their favorite status 88-74. Here are the OWH and the LJS articles on the games. 88-74? It really is 1970s retro!

Omaha Bryan handles North Star, 77-50. Ouch. Coach Q doesn't sound happy. That's a surprising score even knowing Derrik Russell is out. What's the story on his knee? Anyone have the scoop?

Cambridge 52, Hitchcock County 29. Is Vontz out with the hand injury? Someone told me last night he might not play basketball at all. Any truth to this? I also hear he is being recruited by Nebraska for baseball. All-state football and basketball; state champ in golf. And, he's a great baseball player. Call him The Natural.

Harvard 64, Giltner 47. The Cardinals were winless in football, I think. Good to get this season started in a different direction. Wow! Pedro Gabrial had 36! (Scroll down.)

Here's the OWH score page.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Great day for articles

The OWH and LJS both continue their winter sports preview articles today. The LJS has wrestling and swimming previews.

The World Herald has an even better slate. Their girls basketball page has links to an article on Top Ten #1 Bell. West, Class A team previews, and the pre-season girls ratings. The big news is Croften at #10 in the overall top-ten. If I remember right they won C1 with a group of juniors last year. Exeter-Milligan is #1 in C2. They were runners-up as a junior team. They might push for top ten consideration as the year progresses.

Also in the OWH is a story on Bruce Chubick Sr.'s return to Nebraska at Omaha South. Chubick won a Class C1 title in 1988 with junior and Chris Peacock. He's been coaching in Iowa (I think he's originally from Council Bluffs), but the big news is his recovering from cancer of the kidney. He'll make it intesting to see if the Pack can improve on its 3-17 mark from last year.

On the Education page is a story of interest to sports fans: facility upgrades at Omaha Gross. Gross is firmly routed in Class B now, after being A for a large part of its history. School facility improvements can go hand-in-hand with athletic success. Keep an eye on the Cougars.

Also on the Ed Page: News flash-- Elkhorn growing. The Antlers adjustment to Class A will be one of the most interesting stories of the next 5-10 years.

While your there check out the OWH coverage of Omaha's One City- One District proposal. That's another Ed Page story that could be a big playing in the athletic arena as well.

Finally, look at yesterday's story on middle school football in Omaha. The is the first tangable evidence of OPS's new emphasis on athletic success. I was disappointed that it only vaugely mentioned the Nebraska state law that limits junior highs to just four football games. Such a silly thing for the state to dictate, but that's a post for another day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First scores of the winter

A few Hurricane Games went on as planned in the Omaha area. It is hard to tell if those were the only games to be played, of if the OWH only concerned itself with Omaha-area games. Yesterday, it's call for ADs and coaches to report scores only asked for Omaha-area games, so maybe other games were out there. Heard of any?

Here are the boys scores the OWH has:

Lincoln Southeast 57, Norris 34
Fremont 62, Om. Westside 55
Syracuse 62, Platteview 40
Douglas Co. West 65, Om. Concordia 39
Ralston 62, Bellevue East 58 OT
Omaha North 61, Elkhorn Mount Michel 41

In a girls score of note, Omaha Skutt defeated West Point Central Catholic NOT ending WPCC's 102-game win streak because these games don't go into the records.

UPDATE: The LJS says Lincoln Southwest and Pius played their game. Southwest thinks they won. No word on Pius's opinion.

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